Presenters Bureau

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Leroy Little Bear during panel discussion with Jay Ingram.

At Banff Centre, our Meeting Architect can assist with selecting the most appropriate presenter to drive forward the purpose and theme of your program.  We select from a localized and international pool of talent to find the most suitable fit for your audience and conference objectives. From CEO’s to environmentalists, we can find the right person to deliver your message.

With over 50 years of hands-on-experience and world-wide contacts, Conferences at Banff Centre has created a Presenters Bureau to give you access to the most current, relevant and engaging thought-leaders, top motivational speakers, inspiring athletes, politicians, celebrities and entertainment for all types of organizations.

Need help with Speaker Training?  Reach your audience in the most effective way by using our industry-recognized partners who can help you with targeted coaching, facilitation and consulting.  Our knowledge base in space, language and imagery will enhance the meeting experience and elevate everyone's skill set.

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