Opening Reception: The New Group of Seven

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Students in Art 11 and 21 working on their ceramic-based projects. Photo by Rita Taylor.

Art 11, 21 and 31 Senior Level Art Students in Residence 

Join in celebrating the work of Banff Community High School students who participated in this year’s Art 11, 21 and 31 programs. This year students were asked to investigate site specificity in artmaking as it relates to Banff as a site. With critical discussions around who controls the popular narratives and who is excluded, the course responds to five main themes across all grade levels; site, narrative, mythology, symbolism and community. Through an exploration of ceramics, sculpture, photography and sound, this exhibition is the culmination of each student’s personal investigations into Banff. 

Featuring works by: 

Clarizze Curaraton
Sage Shepherd
Shania Fisher
Andrea Dela Cuesta
Joshua Uy
Christina Lam
Gene Patricia Egnacio

Banff Centre gratefully acknowledges the support of the Edmonton Community Foundation and the Arts and Alberta Foundation for the Arts.