Meet Our Team: Aysun Lynch, Meeting Architect

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Aysun Lynch, Meeting Architect at The Banff Centre

Aysun enjoying a beautiful day at The Banff Centre.

Self-Employed Toy-Maker and Kid Pics Cartoonist.

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Q:  How do you define being successful?

A: Friends, family and health, of course

Q:  What quote is your go-to motivator?

A:  The sun will always rise tomorrow. Don’t sweat it!

Q:  Fill in the blanks: 

Always, always, always… Put ice cubes in my drink

Never, never, never… Use public restrooms

Q:  How did you get into this business?

A:  It started over 20 years ago…..I starting working in IT and thought what am I doing here? I enjoyed the ride but my skillset was better suited to working with organizations within business and marketing analytics, project management frameworks, sales and marketing within capacity planning contexts. I’ve worked for companies that include IBM, Gateway, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Coles Myer, The Office of the Premier,  The YWCA of Banff and Hewlett Packard. I’m also a Pre-Service Elementary Teacher too!  Fast forward twenty years and I’m at The Banff Centre doing what I love; connecting the learning, networking and motivation components to build better meetings that make business sense and which provide unique experiences.

Q:  Your rule of thumb for:

Meetings: For internal meetings I like to keep it purposeful and structured. Give people the degree of empowerment to flesh out ideas and make sure there are next steps.

Travel: Don’t forget your sunglasses!

Q:  What is your number one suggestion to do, eat or see while at The Banff Centre?

A:  Keep walking. Every 20 metres takes you to another fascinating space in our wonderland!

Stay tuned for next week's featured Conferences team member!